How to promote the Iamfine service

Description of how the Iamfine service operates

A Loved one (typically someone that lives alone) checks in each day, at which time the carecircle (friends and family that care about the loved one) may receive a "wellness email".

When calling in for the daily checkin, the loved one may stay on the phone and record a small message that is sent to all the care circle members.

In the event that the loved one fails to check in on time, then the service will call the loved one and ask them to press "1" on their phone.

If after a few hours of failing to reach the loved one, then the service will then start to send out alerts to the care circle.

All messages to and from the care circle are shared amongst every member helping to bring resolution as quickly as possible.

Anyone in the carecircle may clear an alarm at anytime.

"Iamfine is a service that helps connect families and friends when they live apart.."


Who pays for the service

Typically a loved one uses the service but it is paid for by a member of the care circle.

During the 30 day trial period we invite each and every member of the care circile to fund the service.


Why use the service

Some people will call or text their loved ones every day, but sadly many of us dont have that discipline and time. This service helps the care circle members know their loved one is ok every day. Promoting independant living helps

Getting Started

With a free 30 day tial of the service that requires NO credit card, we allow anyone to try it out and see if its right for them.

After signing up there are 3 steps

1) Confirm the Loved ones phone number so iamfine recognizes the Caller ID when they call in

2) Set the time of day that the loved one should check in by

3) add some friends and family to the care circle of the loved one

Using the service

The loved one can check in each day by doing any of the following:-

  • Calling the Iamfine number

  • Waiting for the checkin time to come and go, at which time the service will call them

  • Log in using the web user interface

  • Log in on a smart phone with the iamfine application

How the care circle is kept informed

Members of the Care Circle will be notified by email and optionally SMS if their Loved One does not check in on time. Alerts can be sent first to a neighbor, then to a nearby relative, then to a long distance relative. Alert sequencing is fully customizable.

Any message sent is copied to all members of the care circle and always available on line. The service becomes a communications hub for the care circle as they communicate about the Loved one.