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Checking in each day

I will get...

  • To keep my independence, living in my own home
  • Reassurance that every day my carecircle will know if I am OK
  • Peace of mind that help is at hand

My carers and family get...

  • Daily reassurance that I am OK
  • Share the work of caring for me
  • Keep down the costs of caring for me

As a carer

Fellow carers and family members will get

  • Peace of mind, that the person we care for is ok
  • Know that others are also looking out for our loved one
  • Share the responsibility for caring
  • Delay the need for costly in-home care or assisted living

The One I care for gets...

  • Reassurance that they are being looked out for
  • Continue to live alone and independently at home

We have been using Iamfine for some time now and it is so easy and reassuring. $15 a month is great value for the peace of mind that it gives us.

— Mary